Fines & Fees


Each item returned after the due date will be subject to a per day charge, capped as follows:

• Magazines: 10¢ / max $3

• Hardcover books: 10¢ / max $3

• DVDs: $1.00 / max $5

• CDs, Books on Tape, Books on CD and other recordings: 10¢ / max $3

• The library calls or sends notices of overdue items 2 weeks after the due date. A bill is sent 4 weeks after the due date.


• Lost or Damaged Items: Borrowers will be charged the cost of replacing lost or damaged items. A receipt will be given for lost items. If the item is found and returned, accompanied by the receipt, within 6 months, a refund, minus the overdue fess, will be given. Damaged items remain the property of the library.

• Charges for Interlibrary Loan materials are determined by the owning library.

• Cards of borrowers who owe more than $5.00 in fines or fees or who have long-overdue materials are not valid until charges are paid or materials returned.